Bad Relationships: "If your partner is never there for you, why are you still there for them?"
I don't understand how people can stay in bad relationships. I've never understood it. I suppose I was raised right :-)

Here's a notion for everyone, guy or gal: if the person you are in a relationship with is constantly making you unhappy, don't be in it!!! That does not mean give up on a good thing when you have found it, but if you don't want to even be in the same room as the person 24-7, maybe you should take a look at whether this is how you want to live your life. My partner makes me so happy, and even when there are rough patches, we treat each other with respect and love and smile & laugh with each other at least once a day, even on the bad days.

Don't expect a Disney relationship, but expect respect and understanding!! If your partner is never there for you, why are you still there for them?

Top o' the mornin' to you dearie!
I think it's sad how when walking down the street nowadays, no one smiles or says "Top of the morning" anymore. If you smile at someone on the street, they give you this look like "So not interested" or "Why did the nurses let her out from the fourth floor?". Even in a small town, people look at you like you're silly for smiling unless you know them. I think the world would be a happier place if everyone just relaxed and smiled a bit more. Not really big smiles... those are creepy looking. Just kidding! Any smile will do!

Why gaming is a positive element in life!
I found this image through a complete fluke. I was looking for pictures of a car scratch (doing a mock-up of a vehicle with scratches and wanted some ideas). This inevitably brought up some pictures that had nothing to do with car scratches, but scratches themselves. The one I clicked on was of an elephant scratching his belly on some unfortunate Safariing individuals vehicle (which I of course had to check out, cause how often would that happen to people!!). Below is the link so you can experience the laughter for yourself :-D:

I then took a look through the other pictures on the website, and found this posted picture particularly interesting. Here is the picture and the link:

Why gaming is a positive element in life

I think this is a perfect portrayal of how things end up blown so out of proportion by things like the media exploiting those parents against it. I myself am not much of a gamer (motion-sick... not fun), but I do appreciate the benefits of having this outlet for fun, communication, and building relationships. I have people in my life that stay in contact with their loved ones through gaming, whereas if their option was to talk on the phone, they wouldn't be nearly as close as they are. This way, they can both enjoy something they love, relax, and stay connected with each other.
Thought I would share just a quick view-point on it because it really struck me when I looked at.

Writer's Block: Going for the throat
Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

I would rather be the vampire hunter if I was like Buffy: supernaturally strong and incredibly skilled. If the perks don't come with being the hunter, then of course the vampire!

Music to reminisce about
Man, I love going back into my memory bank of music I used to listen to!!

I was listening to the radio while puttering around, and on comes "All That She Wants" by Ace of Base. I used to be infatuated with Ace of Base, particularly the song "The Sign." In Grade 2, my friends and I even did an airband performance to it; not just for fun, it was a class project, but we totally would have done it just for fun! I fell a little in love with doing airbands after that. I even remember some of our moves. Ahh music memories...

And doesn't it bring you back and make you feel exactly like you did at that time. Like the song you used to sing at the top of your lungs in the shower and wake up the whole house (ok, still do that). Or that song you used to always request so you could think longingly about the boy/girl you had a crush. Or the bubblegum-pop song you and your friends used to start boogying to as soon as it came on  ("Get Down" by Backstreet Boys and "Stop!" by Spice Girls comes to mind :-D. Whenever they play those while out dancing with the girls, you know we get up and strut our stuff like we used to).

I guess that's what reminiscing is, but I just love being taken back like that... transported to another time. Some of those moments, you couldn't pay me enough to relive them, but it's wonderful to reminisce about them. Keep a safe distance away from the bowl-cut hairdo and the idea that the more colors of clothing you put on, the better. Wait... maybe I haven't learned that lesson yet!!!

If anyone can explain this phenomenon, please do tell!! =D

You know how, before, you would rush home in anticipation of a message on the answering machine, and when you saw that little red light flashing, it was incontrovertible proof that you were not invisible in the thoughts of others. Even if it is that darn cruise ship horn telling you that you won a cruise (fake!), you are at least on the map. I can promise you when there was only postal service to communicate with others, they did the same thing: ran home in hopeful anticipation until they realized that they were lame and had no friends when there was nothing sitting at their doorstep. Not that anyone really is lame and has no friends for this reason; you just might feel like it :)

Now it's email!! I mean, sure, there are many other modes of communication now (aka. cell phones, etc), but I am more specifically talking about those things where we need to get somewhere to check the actual equipment. Also, some of us can't get a fast internet signal on their computer even if they walk around the entire town with their laptop held high above their head, but that's a different rant :)

So, as I was saying, now we go to our email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever; hoping... praying... begging on our knees for someone to have messaged us just so we feel that tiny ray of sunshine in our hearts that shouts, "YIPPEE!!!!!! Somebody wants to talk to me!!!!"

It's a silly investment we have in feeling important to others through this means. Sure, it's not always there, but isn't it wonderful when we do get that little joy from seeing New Message. And just because I don't have a new email stating I can enlarge my man parts (of which I have none, so don't know what that's about. Am I supposed to purchase it and gift it to my best guy friend? "Hey buddy! I thought you needed this for your birthday this year!"), does not mean that I am not on the map and have no friends. Quite to the contrary... my friends and I would just rather hang out in person than over the net, at least as much as possible. So, what up!?!?!

A person is smart. People are stupid.
I will never understand having a close mind. It seems that all the time, people are talking about other people, making them seem horrendous, playing it up like the other person is unworthy to be around. The listener gets it stuck in their head and then they never open their mind again to the possibility that maybe the storyteller is wrong. Maybe the person in question is worthwhile and they just need to give them the opportunity. I think the storytellers should keep their traps shut!!!

I know I may b*tch about people every now and then, but I make a point of never creating hatred and fear of the people I am complaining about. It is pure complaint of my frustration and disagreement with them. I make a point of not besmirching the name of anyone, because I have no right to try to make anyone think worse about someone, maybe someone they haven't even met, maybe someone they could be potential friends with. If I could change one thing about the world, it would definitely be the hatred toward your fellow man. Not that we should all be happy fairies, dancing around and singing in fields of flowers; but... JEEZ!!!

You can't go anywhere or do anything nowadays without someone saying bad things about someone else. I mean, people never grow up. They're bullies when they're younger, they're bullies when they're older. And if they were bullied when they were younger, sometimes they turn in to bullies when they're older to get back at the people from when they were younger! How does that help anything? And you can't trust anyone you know nowadays because they might try to stab you in the back three minutes from now! I don't know if that's always how it was, but I like to think that it was, and that gives me hope that it could get better. Maybe people just need to communicate with each other more? Maybe we all just need a good, fierce slap on the back of the head :) Or maybe we need more separation from one another. You wouldn't think so, because it's wonderful to have camaraderie, but a very wise friend once quoted to me:

A person is smart. People are stupid.

Something I have always believed since I first heard it, but never applied to the workplace or friendships; I think I have to start.

Friends... lalalala Ping! Gotta love Flight of the Conchords! They got a song for everything!
It is so much easier to make friends when you are young, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you are all interested in the same general areas. I know in youth there is generally more concentrated bullying and you generally end up with the same group of people, so it is harder to meet someone new when maybe everyone is picking on you, but really... young or old, people can be horrible.

I think it's easier because, until you reach those older years of high school, usually you are all busy with and interested in the same areas: how to get out of homework and still pass the class, how to deal with your parents who are cramping your style, how to get enough money for that new CD that just came out, how to look cool without trying to look cool, how to put up with this teacher who is making life miserable... things that are more frivolous in the end. Not that you don't think of those things as an adult, and not that it is not important to figure out how to get money for that new CD, but these are things that will not affect your life in the long run. And once you do get to those older high school years, even though you are starting to think about the big picture, you still have your current friends until you go your separate ways at the end of your primary school years.You end up staying friends with some people (my best friend and I have known each other since before we can even remember... aahhh swimming class), but falling out of contact with others.

All of a sudden, it's time to make friends! Like Kindergarten all over again! But it's harder now, because everyone is now on different levels. You didn't go to the same school together, so varying educations are at play. Maybe you are single and they are engaged, or married, or having kids. Maybe they are a home owner, when you still rent an apartment. Maybe they haven't ever even seen Anchorman, when everyone you ever went to school with has seen it and quotes lines from it every day. There are so many different wants and interests when you become an adult and not everyone is on the same trend as you anymore. Plus, it's one whole wide world out there now, rather than being in the comfort of the people you see in the same building every day (one of the reasons why people tend to make friends with coworkers). And if you live in a smaller town where you can't just Google if there is a support group for Whedonites (Joss Whedon fanatics; such as myself), then you can spend all your time talking and mooning over him and you may never find anyone else who will do the same.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. It would be so nice if when in school we were taught how to socialize out of our comfort zone. And even if and when you transfer from elementary into high school or if you transfer from a new school, it's still the same mentality so you don't really learn that lesson again even when you do that. I realize that is what Kindergarten is for, but I think we need a refresher once we hit our last year of high school, just so we make sure we can figure it out when you get out into the world.

Feeling fuzzy...
I never like those days where your eyes keep going fuzzy and your brain feels like it's been used as a pillow by a very heavy head. It's not a sleepy feeling, but a fuzzy feeling. Makes work very hard to do :-)

What I've been thinking a lot about lately are dreams and the reasons behind them. It's frequently been a constant conversation in my life. There are many things we even base our days around when we dream something. For instance, my mother told me she had a dream the other night and wanted to make sure I was going to be the only one driving my car.
If something like that can compel someone to ask something of another and for the other person to heed that advice even if it has no basis in fact, what else can our dreams make us do? What else can our dreams make others do? I suppose that thought has been on a lot of minds lately, what with Inception and all. :-)

On a PARAMORE kick!!!
As the Subject says, I am on a total Paramore kick right now. This happens often, as Paramore is my favorite band (past the Beatles. I realize that sounds contradictory, but whatev). They are just such a fun, unique, kick-ass sound that I thought I would recommend a few of the songs I've been listening to this afternoon that are not on any of there albums. Some may be covers, but gotta love Hayley's pipes and the bands amazing talent. So, take a listen:
Decoy (this song is actually on their The Final Riot! as is released on Riot! itself, but only in certain countries. One of my favs!!)
Just Like Me
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Another Day

Another band I have been listening to today is Blue Stahli. Great sound, awesome vocals, all tasty. They are another to check out for sure. I really like ULTRAnumb and Corner.

Oh, good afternoon of music and working before the weekend kicks in :-D


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